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How to Relieve Pain due to Kidney Infection

2014-01-01 17:27

A kidney infection can cause very unpleasant illness with severe pain. How to relieve the pain and prevent the renal function from being affected is a major concern for the patients.

Causes of pain in kidney infection

Kidneys can filter the blood to produce urine and then the ureters carry urine from the kidneys down to the bladder. Finally, urine travels from the bladder out of the body through the urethra.

In most cases,kidney infection occurs as a complication of a bladder infection. Germs causing cystitis can sometimes travel up to infect a kidney if the cystitis can not be controlled effectively in time.

Sometimes,kidney infection can occur without a bladder infection. This sometimes occurs due to abnormality of kidney structure or kidney stone or urinary tract obstruction.

When kidneys become infected,back pain may occur in a loin. Also the patients may also experience high fever, nausea and vomiting,blood in the urine etc. Chat with our online doctor to get to know if your symptoms are associated with kidney infection.

Relieve pain in kidney infection

The general treatments for kidney infection include antibiotics and painkillers.Antibiotics will usually clear the infection. However, some antibiotics may not be effective. If so, antibiotics should be changed if the type of germ is identified after test.

Painkillers are often prescribed to treat pain in kidney infection. They can ease pain and reduce high temperature.Stronger painkillers may be needed if the pain is more severe. Anti-inflammatory painkillers may be toxic to kidneys so they are usually not recommended to the patients with kidney problem.

The above are some tips which can help relieve kidney infection. However, if there is a primary cause of the condition, the first treatment is to control the primary cause.

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