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Treatment for Stage 5 Kidney Disease in Diabetes without Dialysis

2013-12-13 11:11

Diabetes is an important cause of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in clinic.If no effective treatment is applied in early stage,the renal function will keep deteriorating progressively.Stage 5 kidney disease commonly occurs in a person with a long history of diabetes.What is the treatment for stage 5 kidney disease in diabetes without dialysis?

Stage 5 kidney disease in diabetes

Stage 5 kidney disease is also called end stage renal disease (ESRD).A person in this stage has extremely severe kidney damage and often experiences a host of complications like edema,cardiovascular disease,fatigue etc.Additionally,the complications of diabetes can worsen the patients’ condition significantly.If no dialysis or other treatment is applied, the high levels of toxins and wastes in body and those severe complications can be very dangerous and even life-threatening.

Treatment for stage 5 kidney disease in diabetes without dialysis

The small blood vessels in kidneys act as filters in kidneys.They can filter out the waste products from body and meanwhile prevent the leakage of useful substances into body.However,in diabetes,long-term high blood glucose can impair the small blood vessels,thus resulting in progressive renal function decline.

To treat stage 5 kidney disease in diabetes,the patients should have treatments to control diabetes and reverse kidney damage.

The patients should follow the doctor’s prescribed medications and insulin.Meanwhile,a healthy lifestyle should also be followed.If your blood sugar level still fluctuates with treatment, you can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  for more medical suggestions.

How to reverse kidney damage in stage 5 kidney disease in diabetes?Stem Cell Therapy is a remarkable treatment option for the patients.Stem cells are a group of immature cells with powerful differentiating ability.In right condition,they can differentiate into new cells to replace the impaired renal functional cells. In this way, the kidney structure will be restored and renal function will be improved remarkably so no dialysis will be required.

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