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What If Kidneys Are Functioning at 25%

2013-11-08 13:38

Kidneys are a pair of vital organs in body and they perform numerous functions in body.However,when renal function declines,the patients will experience a host of discomforts and symptoms.What if kidneys are functioning at 25%?

Based on renal function,chronic kidney disease (CKD) can be divided into 5 stages.If your kidneys are functioning at 25%,it means that you are in stage 4 CKD with renal function ranging between 15~29%.

If kidneys are functioning at 25%,high levels of waste products and extra fluid build up in body.The patients will experience a large number of symptoms and discomforts like nausea and vomiting,fatigue,bone disease,edema and so on.If renal function deteriorates further,Dialysis will come soon.

In stage 4 kidney disease with kidneys functioning at 25%,how to stop renal function decline and control the complications and discomforts is the most concerned issue for the patients.

The treatment goals of stage 4 CKD include clearing up waste products from blood and restoring the impaired kidney tissues to enhance renal function.In this way,the current 25% renal function will be improved remarkably.

In the treatment process,Blood Purification and Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy will be applied.Blood purification is nonspecific treatment.It includes a number of treatment methods used to remove waste products from blood.Thereby, blood purification can purify blood thoroughly,thus creating a favorable internal environment for reversing kidney damage.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an innovative application of traditional Chinese herbal medicine.This therapy plays a crucial role in treating stage 4 kidney disease with kidneys working at 25%.

Firstly,the effective medicine ingredients can dilate blood vessels to increase blood flow through kidneys.More oxygen and nutrients supply to kidney tissues can benefit the self-healing and self-regeneration of impaired kidney tissues.

Secondly,Chinese medicines can phagocytic function of immunity. The apoptotic kidney cells,immune complexes and waste products will be cleared out of body.It can make more room for the growth of new renal cells.

Thirdly,the effective medicine ingredients can stimulate the self-healing and self-regeneration of impaired kidney tissues. Thereby,the current 25% renal function will be improved remarkably.

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