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Chinese Medicine for Stage 5 Kidney Disease with Creatinine 6

2013-10-12 14:33

Chinese Medicine for Stage 5 Kidney Disease with Creatinine 6Stage 5 kidney disease is the last stage of chronic kidney disease (CKD). As kidneys are damaged severely,high levels of creatinine will build up in body.Chinese medicine is recommended to patients with stage 5 kidney disease with creatinine 6 and it has showed enormous curative effects.

Stage 5 kidney disease with creatinine 6

Nephrons are the basic functional units in kidneys.Each kidney is composed of one million nephrons.When blood flows through kidneys, the extra fluid and wastes will be filtered out of body.However,there is a variety of conditions and diseases which can impair the nephrons.In early stage,the left healthy nephrons will work harder to filter blood.Eventually, all of the nephrons will become impaired and even scarred.In stage 5 kidney disease, all or nearly all nephrons are involved. As a result, high creatinine 6 occurs.Creatinine 6 is associated with very significant kidney damage.Some patients may have been on Dialysis or are going to start it.

Chinese medicine for stage 5 kidney disease with creatinine 6

Chinese medicine has been used to treat a variety of aliments. It also shows enormous curative effects in treating kidney disease in clinic.

Chinese medicine is a complete treatment system including a number of treatment modalities such as herbal medicine,acupuncture, massage,Medicated Bath etc.Each treatment plays its role in treating kidney disease.Based on the patient’s illness condition,different treatment modalities will be prescribed.For example, herbal medicine is toxic to kidney disease and can promote the self-regeneration of the impaired kidney tissues to enhance renal function.Acupuncture can improve immunity of the body to improve the overall condition.

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Treatment effects of Chinese medicine

If the patients can stick to Chinese medicine treatment,they will have a remarkable improvement.The associated symptoms and discomforts will be relieved. Creatinine 6 will reduce for renal function improvement.

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