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Herbs to Repair Kidney And Help Get Rid of Dialysis

2013-10-10 17:00

Herbs to Repair Kidney And Help Get Rid of DialysisIn end stage renal disease (ESRD),kidneys are impaired significantly and high levels of wastes and toxins build up in body.What herbs can repair kidney and help get rid of dialysis?

Firstly,it is necessary to know how kidneys fail.Every kidney is composed of one million nephrons.These nephrons can filter out wastes and extra fluid from body in right condition.When only some nephrons are impaired,the remaining healthy ones will work harder to keep the blood clean.Eventually,the healthy ones will also be involved.When all or nearly all nephrons become involved, the kidneys will fail to work properly.As a result,high levels of wastes and fluid will accumulate in body,thus resulting in a myriad of side effects such as fatigue,nausea,pulmonary edema,cardiovascular disease etc.Dialysis can relieve these discomforts and prolong patients’ life span. However, it is really hard to live on dialysis. What’s worse,the average life span of dialysis patients is just between 5~6 years. If the function of the native kidney can be improved,Dialysis will not be required.

What herbs can repair kidney and help get rid of dialysis?

There is a variety of Chinese herbs being used to treat kidney disease like Cordyceps sinensis,Chinese rhubarb etc.Based on patients’ individualized condition,different types of herbs are used to treat kidney disease.As some herbs may be toxic to kidneys, you should never use herbs without consulting a medical professional.Or you can consult with our online doctor and get to know what herbs are good to your condition.

However,oral herbs have many side effects and also take effects very slowly.To overcome these disadvantages, Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is developed. Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an external therapy based on Chinese herbs.This therapy can repair the impaired kidneys to help the patients get rid of dialysis.

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