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Kidney Problem with Protein+++,How to Lessen it

2013-10-01 11:38

Kidney Problem with Protein+++,How to Lessen itIn right condition,there is only a small trace of protein in urine, the test result is negative.However,when extra protein is lost in urine,the protein in urine will become positive.How to less protein+++ in kidney problem?

Protein+++ in kidney problem

Kidney is just like a sieve with different holes and can filter out substances selectively.Proteins are macromolecular substances can can not pass through the holes in right condition.However, in kidney failure,the kidneys are impaired and the barrier function of the kidneys is affected.As a result,a large amount of proteins will pass through kidneys and end up in urine.

If there is excessive protein in urine,the protein will become positive.Protein +++ is associated with very serious kidney damage.Presence of massive protein in urine can cause frothy or foamy urine.

How to lessen protein+++ in kidney problem?

There is a variety of causes and conditions of kidney problem. First thing is to figure out the specific cause of kidney problem. If the primary condition and cause can be controlled, it can slow renal function decline and even reverse kidney damage.

What is the cause of your kidney problem?How to reverse the primary condition and disease?Chat with our online doctor now!

It is necessary for the patients to cut down the consumption of protein.A low-protein diet can relieve proteinuria.

As protein+++ in kidney problem results from kidney impairment and reduced barrier function of kidneys,to control protein in urine, the patients should treat kidney as a whole.If the impaired kidney structure can be restored,the barrier function of the kidneys will improve.In this way, the protein in body will not be able to leak through kidneys.Consequently,proteinuria will be controlled fundamentally.

To attain the above treatment goal, different treatments will be used like Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy, immunotherapy, Blood Pollution Therapy etc. You can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  and get to know which treatment is suitable for your condition.

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