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What Is the New Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) Treatment

2017-02-11 02:20

Chronic kidney disease is a progressive progress in which renal functions will be gradually lost and CKD usually develops over months or even years. It is often much easier to develop a disease than to cure a disease, therefore we can see that it is not easy to cure CKD and usually the treatment course requires a long time.

What is more, chronic kidney disease often have high recurrent rate and the disappearing of symptoms and complications does not definitely means the disease is cured.

Many nephrologists have put a lot of efforts to find out a new treatment that can have more effective and durable curative effects for chronic kidney disease and here we will introduce the latest treatment for CKD.

It is called blood stasis theory and it has figured out why kidney disease is not easy to be cured and why it is easy to relapse. This is because the polluted blood and internal environment is not solved. Wherever the blood flows into, it will cause damages to the tissues and organs, that is why kidney disease can not be completely cured even after so many years treatment with traditional therapies.

Kidneys have the vital functions to filter and purify the blood. When the polluted blood flows into the kidneys, it will cause further damages to the renal functioning tissues and cells.

Based on this new theory, advanced blood purification technologies have been combined with the traditional CKD treatments. More advanced blood purifications include hemodialysis, hemofiltration, hemoperfusion, plasma exchange, immune adsorption and CRRT, etc. The combined blood purification technologies can help achieve far better curative effects than mere dialysis. What is more important, this is just the first step of the new treatment and more effective medications and therapies will be used to deal with more root problems so that patients will not become dependent on blood purification and their illness conditions can achieve true improvements and the recurrence rate will be much lowered.

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