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Natural Herbs In India And China For Kidney Disease

2013-05-17 11:45

Natural Herbs In India And China For Kidney DiseaseBoth China and India has long history to use natural herbal medicines to treat various kidney diseases and illness conditions that are associated with kidney problems.

Kidney diseases usually develop over long time and patients will need to have long term treatment if they want to have real cure for their disease instead of just instant relief. From this regard, natural herbal remedies in both China and India are good choice because they both aim at regulating internal disorders, repairing damaged cells and tissues and promoting the regeneration of new functioning tissues so as to help recover the normal physiological mechanisms of the body.

Herbals can naturally lower high blood pressure and high blood sugar

Most herbs are natural and harmless, healthy people can have some regular take of them to help lower the risk of developing hypertension or high blood sugar. For hypertension or diabetes patients, these natural herbs are more natural than the prescribed blood pressure drugs and antidiabetics. Hypertension and diabetes are the leading causes of kidney damages and kidney diseases, therefore these herbs can help prevent and control further renal damages.

Herbs can help ease symptoms and complications

Kidney disease patients will develop a series of symptoms and discomforts such as swelling, high blood pressure, protein and blood in urine, frequent infections, fatigue, anemia, dry or itchy skin, bone pains, arthritis or even lesions in the heart and brain. For nearly each symptom of kidney disease, there are natural herbs in Chinese and Indian medicines that can help.

With continuous deterioration of illness conditions, more symptoms and complications will develop and some of them can be life-threatening. Early use of herbal medicines can help prevent and treat these symptoms and complications.

Herbal medicines can treat both the primary and secondary aspects of kidney disease

Though in the early stage you may complain about the slow effect of herbal medicines, they will show very magic curative effects in the later stage. Since it can help repair renal damages and improve renal functions, the curative effect is lasting and symptoms of kidney disease such as protein in urine, swelling are not easy to reoccur after they are treated.

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