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Can Kidney Damage Be Repaired or Reversed

2013-05-14 17:06

Effective repair of kidney damages means kidney disease patients can go back to a normal life, so once being diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, many patients will ask can kidney damage be repaired or reversed?

Kidney damages may occur as the result of different illness conditions and the extent you can repair this damage will depend on how advanced the damage is. This is the reason why Chronic Kidney Disease patients are always suggested to start treatment as early as possible. In most of the cases, kidney damages can not be fully repaired, but patients can do something to improve their current kidney condition and stop it from progressing to kidney failure.

Firstly, to get some kidney function reversed effectively, they must make sure they have a scientific diet plan. Improper diet like high salt intake and high protein intake can cause extra burden on kidney and thus worsen kidney condition. From this point of view, ingesting adequate protein and salt is very necessary for repairing kidney damages. (Exact dietary principles depends on patient’s specific illness condition, so please consult our consultant online if you want to know more about diet for chronic kidney disease)

Secondly, make sure all the symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease are brought under control. Symptoms like high blood pressure, hematuria and anemia play an aggravating part in the progression of illness condition. Effective management of them helps to slow down kidney disease, which is very essential for reversing kidney damages.

Thirdly, in affected kidney, there are healthy, dead and injured kidney tissues. Dead kidney cells can not be revived, but for the injured kidney intrinsic cells, they have certain of self-repairing ability and some of them can be repaired with medicines like micro-Chinese medicine. In Chronic Kidney Disease, kidney function keeps decreasing, because more and more kidney intrinsic cells are damaged and fail to work properly. Therefore, when some injured kidney cells are repaired, kidney function gets reversed to some extent.

Fourthly, manage all underlying health problems diligently. In our daily life, many diseases like Diabetes and Hypertension can impact kidney health, so if you have these health tissues, you need to bring them under control, so as to protect healthy kidney tissues from being damaged.

Kidney damages can not be fully repaired or reversed, but with timely treatment and measures, kidney function can be improved effectively and this is only possible for people who have some kidney failure. Therefore, it is of great importance for Chronic Kidney Failure patients to seize this chance to improve their kidney condition.

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