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Is Nettle Tea Good For Kidney Disease

2013-05-11 16:43

Is Nettle Tea Good For Kidney DiseaseNettle tea is a natural remedy and it has many amazing healthy benefits for kidney disease patients. It has long been used to treat various healthy issues for kidney disease patients.

Diuretics properties

Swelling in the cheeks, legs, feet, ankles and other parts of the body due to sodium and fluid retention is very common among kidney disease patients because the impaired kidneys can not remove excessive fluid from the body. Nettle tea is a natural diuretics and it can help remove excess water from the body through the kidneys. At the same time, more bacteria, viruses and small calcium crystals can be discharged along with increased urine output. Therefore it is very good at preventing and treating urinary tract infections, kidney infections, kidney inflammation and kidney stones.

Nettle tea has anti-inflammatory properties

Nettle tea can not only help treat kidney inflammations, it can also help relieve joint pains, arthritis, fever and allergies. Kidney disease patients often have joint pain and gout problems due to high uric acid accumulation in the blood.

Nettle tea helps lower high blood sugar

We know that diabetes is the leading cause of kidney damages and kidney failure, therefore it is very necessary for diabetes patients to control their blood sugar within safe level. Nettle tea can help decrease blood sugar levels and reduce damages to the kidney functions.

Though nettle tea is natural, it can cause some mild side effects to the patients, therefore it is necessary to consult your doctor before you start taking nettle tea especially if you have other healthy issues besides kidney problems or you are taking other prescribed medications.

However if renal damages are too advanced for example for those that have developed end stage renal failure, nettle tea is not enough because it can not prevent further illness progression. More advanced treatments are needed to help repair damaged renal tissues and improve renal functions.

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