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Low GFR: Causes and Treatment

2013-05-01 10:36

Glomerular filtration rate (GFR), compared with serum creatinine and BUN level, can reflect how well kidneys are working more accurately. When low GRF is tested out, it means patients’ kidneys are damaged. Exploring the low causes and treatment of GRF is necessary to guarantee patients’ kidney function.


According to American Kidney Foundation, normal GFR ranges from 90-120ml/min/1.73m2. With age, GFR will decrease, so older people have lower normal GFR levels. Here, we would like to talk about abnormal GFR decline rather than the normal ranges caused by age. In kidneys, there are four types of functional cells that are responsible to maintain kidney’s normal work. However, once these cells are damaged, kidneys can’t play their function optimally and then GFR declines, too.

The following factors can contribute to the causes of kidney damage:

Diabetes and high blood pressure

● Frequent urinary tract infections and urinary blockage

● Family history of kidney disease like Polycystic Kidney Disease

● Large kidney cysts both simple and complex

● Autoimmune disease such as Lupus and Henoch-Schonlein purpura.

Some other disorders such as heart diseases and excessive bleeding may also cause less blood to pass through the tiny filters in the kidneys and lead to low GFR. However, they are less common than the above ones.


Now, we know the reduced GFR is due to damage of kidney functional kidney cells caused by long-term of other diseases. In view of this, the best treatment should be systemic and comprehensive that can not only help treat the primary cause but also repair the damaged kidney cells. For diabetes and high blood pressure, correct medicines, healthy lifestyle and scientific diet is able to control them very well. If patients’ kidney damage is caused by inherited disease, the best treatment is the one that can stop the progression of patients’ condition such as shrinking kidney cysts. As for autoimmune disease, Immunotherapy is preferred, because it can not only correct patients’ immune system but also help repair damaged kidney cells.

Different patients need various treatment plans. If you find your GFR is lower than the normal, you had better accept most effective treatment as soon as possible. Don’t miss the best time to get recovery.

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