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What Happens when Kidneys Shut Down

2013-01-31 15:37

What happens when kidneys shut down? To make clear about this question, learning the functions of the kidney is very necessary.

When kidneys shut down, kidneys will not be able to function normally. Therefore, various condition will occur. Kidneys help us:

1. Remove waters and wastes from our blood

2. Keep balance of electrolyte and acid-base.

3. Secrete hormones

4. Adjust blood pressure

5. Produce red blood cells and vitamin D which can help to strengthen our bones

When kidneys shut down, all these kidney functions can not be displayed effectively, so the following symptoms or conditions will occur:

1. Kidneys can not discharge water and wastes, so fluid retention, elevated creatinine level, high blood urea nitrogen level will occur.

2. As kidneys lose their ability to balance electrolyte and acid-base, so electrolyte disturbance and acidosis will occur.

3. Decreased libido may occur when kidneys shut down.

4. High blood pressure

5. Less red blood cells are produced, so anemia may occur. Anemia usually occurs when kidney disease develops to advanced stage. With anemia symptom, patients may found they have pale look and become tried easily.

6. Vitamin D plays an important role in strengthening our bones, so bone problem will occur, if kidneys fail to secrete vitamin D after shut down.

Kidney disease is a problem that can involve almost all of our systems. Therefore, when kidneys shut down, we may experience symptoms. Aside from the symptoms we mentioned above, there are some other symptoms like nausea, vomit, poor concentration, poor appetite, itchy skin and so on. As these symptoms occur because of decreased kidney function, so improving kidney condition is very helpful for remitting these symptoms.

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