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Are Bubbles in Urine Serious with CKD

2013-01-13 09:57

bubbles in urineFor healthy people, urine is transparent, amber liquid. The main components of urine are water, inorganic salt and nitrogen-containing metabolic wastes such as urea, uric acid, creatine and creatinine, etc.

Under normal circumstances, there are small amount of protein and sugar in urine, but they can not be detected with general method, therefore they are considered to be normal and physiological.

Bubbles in urine does not definitely mean kidney disease. When there are changes in urine component, the surface tension of urine can be increased and cause a lot of bubbles in urine.

However if the bubbles are fine and last for long time without going away, it might be proteinuria. When protein in urine exceeds 150mg/d and protein can be detected with routine urine test, it is called proteinuria which is the typical symptom of chronic kidney disease. It means that glomerular filtration function has been damaged and proper treatment should be sought as soon as possible because bubbles in urine due to CKD is not merely a sign of disease but also is an important and independent factor that can aggravate kidney damages and speeding up illness progression.

If at the same time of bubbles in urine, other symptoms are accompanied such as as urinary urgency, frequent urination, urinary pain or swelling, high blood pressure or diuresis, polyphagia, polydipsia, etc. It is recommended early examinations should be done so as to provide guidance for effective and timely treatments.

Prednisone and cyclophosphamide have temporary relief of proteinuria but bubbles will once again appear after the medicines are stopped.

ACEI and ARB drugs have certain effects on reducing proteinuria, controlling high blood pressure and protecting residual kidney functions.

Cydosporine and cellcept have more positive effects on reducing proteinuria, but they are expensive and the recurrent rate of bubble urine is still high after the medicines are stopped.

The root treatment for alleviating bubbles in urine is to repair damaged glomerular basement membrane and improve kidney functions. Immunotherapy is based on traditional Chinese medicines and has combined with advanced medical technology to enhance the curative effects which can not only alleviate proteinuria but also can improve kidney functions and enhance immunity.

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