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How to Treat Protein in Urine Naturally?

2012-11-22 10:47

To get protein in urine treated effectively and fundamentally, we must found out what causes protein in urine firstly and then remove the causes. Only in this way, can protein in urine be stopped fundamentally.

What causes protein in urine?

Protein is normally kept in our body through glomerulus, a part of kidney. Glomerulus contains a membrane which is clinically called glomerular filtration membrane. This membrane has two functions: charger barrier which works in the principle that the same charges repel and mechanical barrier which protect substances with a certain size from being leaked out. Under the effects of these two barriers, most of the nutritions can be reserved in our body. In our kidney, these two barriers work in different way, so no matter charger barrier or mechanical barrier is damaged, filtration will be impaired and also some nutrition leak out. Protein is one of the essential of our body and it leaks when filtration membrane is damaged. Therefore, for people with kidney problem, the root cause of proteinuria is damaged glomerular filtration membrane.

How to treat protein in urine naturally?

Since protein leak into urine when glomerular filtration membrane is damaged and filtration function is impaired. Therefore, it is repairing filtration membrane to recover its filtration function is very necessary.

At present, many oral medications can be applied to control protein in urine, however, many medications can not repair damaged filtration membrane, so protein in urine relapses easily. Besides, some patients hope to reduce protein in urine through limiting protein intake. The less protein the patients ingest, the less protein leak. However, protein is the essential substances of our body and we can not live normally without it. Therefore, limiting protein intake is not a eternal solution at all.

Actually, with protein in urine, patients can have a try about Chinese medicines which take natural herbs as medicines. Chinese medicines have no side effects and meanwhile have function to repair kidney damages. Therefore, it is worthwhile for patients with protein in urine.

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