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How to Regulate High Potassium if Kidneys Are Damaged

2015-05-20 16:21

How to Regulate High Potassium if Kidneys Are DamagedIf your kidneys are damaged, it is likely for you to suffer from high blood potassium level, because the impaired kidneys are not able to purify the blood effectively. How to regulate high potassium if kidneys are damaged?


When your blood potassium level is more than 6.5 mmol/L, you may have to dialysis to lower your potassium level, otherwise, it can threaten your life. If your blood potassium is not that high, you can try the following ways to regulate blood potassium level.

-Avoid food high in potassium

The output of potassium is blocked, but we can lower blood potassium level through decreasing the intake of potassium. Food such as bananas, kiwi fruit, spinach, beans, potassium and some other food high in potassium should be avoided or reduced.

-Change the medicines which retain potassium in the body

Some of the medications you use retain potassium in the body, such as potassium-sparing diuretics. In such case, you should talk with your doctor to change this kind of medications into other water pills to remove potassium via the urinary tract.

-Other ways to help you lower potassium level

Sodium polystyrene sulfonate may be prescribed by your doctor to remove potassium via the digestive tract. And insulin and glucose delivered into a vein can quickly move potassium into cells. But the fundamental way to solve potassium problem is to repair the damaged kidneys and resume kidney function. In China, we use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Mai Kang Mixture, Medicated Foot Bath, various medicinal soup, circle therapy, enema therapy, acupuncture and moxibustion, etc. They can help your body discharge waste products so as to lower blood toxin concentration. They can dilate blood vessels and block blood clotting to increase blood flow into the kidneys. Besides, they can decompose the deposited immune complexes in the kidneys to eliminate kidney inflammation and degrade extracellular matrix to stop kidney fibrosis. After a period of treatment, you can regain your kidney function.

High potassium level can cause irregular heart beat which is life-threatening. Therefore, importance should be attached to treatment when your kidneys are damaged. For more information, please contact online doctor or leave a message below.

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Our Treatment Effect

High creatinine level is dangerous to a kidney patient

Move the mouse to enlarge the picture High creatinine level is dangerous to a kidney patient

If you also want to reduce your high creatinine level, please look at this patient's report. When he was just hospitalized in our hospital on Dec 11, 2018,
His creatinine:1028umol/L,
urea: 39.7mmol/L
UA : 513umol/L
After a period of our treatment,
his creatinine:331umol/L, urea:16.1mmol/L
UA :325umol/L on Jan 5, 2019.

His condition was getting better and better. You can also get better.

For a CKD patient, you can choose Chinese medicine treatments to control your condition. your creatinine level can be reduced radically, symptoms can be alleviated and more importantly, your renal function will be improved. In this way, you can stay away from end stage kidney disease and avoid dialysis.

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