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Does Kidney Trouble Affect Immune System

2015-04-10 02:03

Does Kidney Trouble Affect Immune SystemAfter getting kidney disease, not a few kidney patients find that their immunity lowers so that they are prone to getting infections and some other aliments. Does kidney trouble affect immune system? Now I can give you the answer. It can weaken your immune system. Now let’s have a look at how kidney trouble affects your immune system.


Proteinuria is a common symptom of kidney disease. As we all know, our antibodies are made up of protein. When massive protein leaks from your body, if you can not supplement moderate protein to satisfy the need of body, it is likely for you to suffer from poor immunity.

-Accumulated waste products

With kidney trouble, waste products can not be filtered out of the blood timely. Those accumulated waste products can also lower your immunity.

-Poor sleeping quality and overwork

Because of muscle cramp, restless leg syndrome and accumulated waste products, many kidney patients have poor sleeping quality. Besides, overwork can also affect immune system. When you can not have a good rest, immunity declines.

-Immunosuppressants use

Immunosuppressants and steroids are the common used drugs to inhibit kidney inflammation and stop proteinuria. But long-term use of them have many side effects, one of which is to decrease immunity.

-Mental state

People with positive attitude usually have a stronger body than those with negative attitude. Though kidney disease can not be cured, it can not halt you from enjoying your life. There is still possibility for you to lead a normal life with proper treatment.

Does kidney trouble affect immune system? Yes. Poor immunity exposes you to infections, cold and some other aliments, which may speed up kidney failure. If you would like to know more information, please contact online doctor or leave a message below.

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