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How Can We Prevent Gout from Happening with Kidney Disease

2015-01-16 08:29

How Can We Prevent Gout from Happening with Kidney DiseaseGout is a painful form of inflammatory arthritis which is caused by uric acids. For kidney patients, they have a higher risk of gout. How can we prevent gout from happening with kidney disease?

How does kidney disease cause gout?

Kidneys are responsible for removing waste products from the blood. When your kidneys are damaged, waste products build up in the blood. Uric acid is a kind of waste product. When the concentration of uric acid is high in blood, they easily deposit. If they deposit in the joints, they cause joint inflammation and gout.

Ways to prevent gout from happening with kidney disease

-Uric acid is the waste product of purine. In the daily, reduce the intake of food high in purine, such as animal pluck, fish, seafood, etc.

-Carbohydrate promotes excretion of uric acid, so you should eat more food rich in carbohydrate, such as rice, wheat, carrot, etc.

-Fat is not good for uric acid excretion, so you should limit the intake of fat.

-If you do not have kidney function impairment, drink plenty of water. Water intake helps you increase urine output so that uric acid can be passed out of the body. Besides water, you can drink some herbal tea, such as corn silk, dandelion tea, nettle leaf tea, etc.

The fundamental way to prevent gout is to protect your kidney function. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can dilate blood vessels and remove stasis to improve blood circulation. It can also decompose the deposited immune complexes to eliminate kidney inflammation. Moreover, it supplements essential nutrients to help kidney recovery. When your kidney function is improved, you can prevent gout from happening.

How can we prevent gout from happening with kidney disease? If you would like to learn more information about kidney disease, please contact online doctor or leave a message below.

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