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What Does It Mean if Protein in Urine Is 3+

2014-12-26 08:06

What Does It Mean if Protein in Urine Is 3+Protein is an important component of blood. Under normal circumstance, some protein comes into the urine when they go through glomeruli. But they will be reabsorbed into the blood by renal tubule. Therefore, if your kidneys are working normally, there is only a little albumin, which is marked for -. When the amount of protein in urine is beyond the normal range(0.15 g/24h), it is marked for +. What does it men if protein in urine is 3+?

Protein in urine 3+ means your kidneys are damaged moderately.

According to the amount of protein in urine, proteinuria is classified into four types, name +, ++, +++, and ++++. Protein in urine 3+ means there is 2-4 g protein in urine. And there are holes in the kidneys so that protein go out of the kidneys and spill into urine.

How to control protein 3+ in urine?

If you want to reduce protein leakage, you should fill the holes and prevent the holes from enlarging.

Because of long-term internal environment disturbance, there are a lot of immune complexes and other destructive substances in the glomeruli, which are the main cause of holes in kidneys. Steroids can fill the hole to stop protein leakage, but destructive substances are still in the glomeruli. In such case, infection, cold and some other factors call your proteinuria back easily and worsen your disease. Therefore, to repair the damaged kidneys, we should remove those destructive substances. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can increase the permeability of basement membrane so that those destructive substance can go out. After 7 day’s treatment, you will find there is floccule in the urine. This therapy can also dilate blood vessels and block blood clotting. With the elimination of destructive substances, more blood flows into the glomeruli, which helps improve GFR. When your kidneys are repaired, red blood cells and protein can be kept in the kidneys, thus your proteinuria disappear.

The earlier treatment you receive, the more possibility you can recover from kidney disease. For more information, please contact online doctor or leave a message below.

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