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What Should I Be Avoided If I Want To Lower My Potassium Level

2014-12-13 01:51

What Should I Be Avoided If I Want To Lower My Potassium LevelPotassium is chiefly excreted from the kidney, but due to low kidney potential, potassium built up increases in the blood which may result in elevated levels of potassium in the blood. Lower the potassium levels in your kidneys with the help of following tips.

Elevated potassium levels is a matter of concern and immediate medical attention needs to be sought. However, there are certain things you can avoid to lower the potassium levels.

1. avoid high potassium foods

limit foods which are rich source of potassium, they include bananas, potatoes, peas, lima, papaya and avocado, etc. You can eat fruits and vegetables with low potassium such as cucumbers, cauliflowers, berries, lettuce, lemon, peaches, canned food, etc. they are all low potassium food. Besides, you can also eat soy milk and tofu as it is low in potassium.

2. limit the intake of cola, coffee and alcohol

People with high potassium level should also cut the intake of tea, coffee, and cola. Stopping drinking alcohol. This will benefit to lower potassium in the body.

3. avoid certain herbs

some herbs such as dandelion, horsetail, alfalfa has to be avoided, as they are proven to prevent lowering of potassium in the body.

4. increase calcium intake in your diet

It has been shown that calcium interferes with the natural absorption of potassium. That is, kidney disease patients usually have low calcium and high potassium level in the blood. Patients under such condition usually suffer from bone problems. Thus, increase the intake of calcium rich foods like milk, dairy products, yogurt and cheese. Include them regularly in your diet can help control the potassium in the blood.

Patients suffering from chronic kidney disease are always to be watched for their potassium level. Apart from the above daily nursing care, kidney disease patients must have to repair damaged kidneys and improve renal functions. Only in this way can high potassium level be lowered fundamentally.

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