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How to Stop Peeing Blood from CKD

2014-11-12 06:03

How to Stop Peeing Blood from CKDKidney is the organ that normally helps us remove excess fluid and wastes in the body as urine, so when there is something goes wrong with kidney, there will be some urine changes. Peeing blood is one of the complains of CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease). Well, how can we stop peeing blood with kidney problem?

Why do we pee blood with CKD?

Blood is a bodily fluid that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transplants metabolic waste products away from the body. Blood looks red because there are lots of red blood cells.

Normally, blood flow through kidney and during this process, wastes and excess fluids are cleared away as urine and nutrients like protein are kept in the body. For CKD patients, their kidney tissues are damaged. Under such a condition, when blood flow through kidney, some substances that should be preserved in the body will leak into urine. Red blood cell is just such a kind of substance. When lots of leak into urine, urine looks red. That is the reason why CKD patients pee blood.

How to stop peeing blood from CKD?

Blood urine refers to urine with excess red blood cells. CKD patients pee blood because their kidney tissues are damaged. Damaged kidneys can not preserve red blood cell in body, so while blood flow through kidney, red blood cells leak into urine.

For CKD patients, the fundamental way to stop peeing blood is to repair injured kidney tissues. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the treatment that can repair injured kidney tissues. It works by dilating blood vessels, promoting blood stream in kidney, improve renal ischemia, increase self-curative ability of kidney intrinsic cells and blocking inflammation. With these benefits, some injured kidney tissues can be repaired. When injured kidney tissues begin to work again, leakage of red blood cell is stopped.

Lastly, besides from peeing blood, CKD patients also experience many other symptoms like foamy urine, swelling, tiredness and poor appetite. All these discomforts are resulted from injured kidney tissues and impaired kidney function, so if we really want to eliminate them from root, repairing kidney damages and improving kidney function is necessary.

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