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What Herbs Can I Take to Remove Protein from My Urine

2014-11-12 03:48

What Herbs Can I Take to Remove Protein from My UrineCompared with western medicine, herbs usually do not cause any harm if taken in proper doses and under the guidance of the doctor. What herbs can I take to remove protein from my urine?

Why protein leaks from body?

Kidneys are responsible for filtering waste, while retaining the protein and some other useful substance in the body. When there is inflammation or damage in the kidneys, the permeability of capillaries increases so that protein leaks into the urine.

Herbs for you to remove protein from urine

Conventional treatment such as steroids is just to suppress the inflammatory reaction, while leaving the inflammatory factors still in the kidneys. These inflammatory factors continue to impair your kidneys so that proteinuria occurs frequently.

Chinese medicine therapy 1:

Solanum nigrum, soladulcidine and Indian mockstrawberry herb. Each is 30 g. 9 g nidus vespae. You can boil them in the water and divide the decoction into two pieces. And then drink it in a day. This therapy helps remove excess water from the blood and treat frequent proteinuria.

Chinese medicine therapy 2:

Dried radix rehmanniae and heterophylly falsestarwort root. Each is 15 g. 10g radix codonopsis. 20g astragalus. poria cocos, morinda officinalis how, fructus psoraleae and common fenugreek seed. Each is 9g. Boil them in the water and divide the decoction into two pieces. And then drink it in a day. This therapy can increase albumin in the plasma and eliminate proteinuria.

The above two therapies are both oral Chinese medicine. You can also try some external therapies, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath, Circle Therapy and Enema therapy. The combined internal therapies and external therapies help you achieve a better curative effects. They can detoxify the blood to reduce the damage to the kidneys. They can also cleanse inflammatory factors to eliminate kidney inflammation. Moreover, they can improve blood circulation and supplement nutrients into the blood to speed up kidney recovery. When kidney function improves, proteinuria disappears.

These herbs have to be eaten under the instruction of doctor. If you are interested in our treatment, please send your medical test report to kidneycares@hotmail.com. Our doctors will help you make a personalized treatment plan.

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