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Urine Volume And Kidney Function

2014-10-04 02:00

Urine Volume And Kidney FunctionAs we all know, one of the kidney functions is to produce the urine. If kidney function is damaged, it will affect urine output. However, some patients may have normal urine output. What does this indicate?

Normal urine output means there is still blood flow in the kidneys and still residual kidney function. If treated in time, there is still hope of avoiding dialysis.

We are a specialized kidney disease hospital in China. The characteristic treatment for kidney failure is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy is a kind of external application. The Chinese herbal medicine is micronized into one thousands of its original size. With the action of the microscope, it can arrive directly into the kidneys through skin and channels. The absorption rate and bioactivity of the medicine has been highly improved. It can expand blood vessels, improve blood circulation and increase blood flow in the kidneys. In this way, the self-renewal of the damaged cells will be reactivated thus recovering kidney function. With improved kidney function, your urine output will also be increased.

Also if your urine output is increased, it indicates your kidney function becomes better than before. Apart from improving kidney function from the root, there are also some foods that can help increase urine flow such as parsley, celery, melon, beets, cabbage, cucumber, carrots, onion, cranberry juice and lemon juice, etc. These foods can be eaten by kidney disease patients. However, anything should be consumed moderately. Excessive consumption will cause other health problems.

If you still have some urine output, dialysis is not the last choice for you. You can try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to help you improve kidney function and then avoid dialysis.

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