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High Cholesterol and Kidney Disease

2014-08-09 08:07

High Cholesterol and Kidney DiseaseHeart disease is very common in kidney patients and it is also the main cause of death for kidney patients. High cholesterol level has been linked to heart disease. Does high cholesterol level have any relation with kidney disease?

Why kidney patients have high cholesterol level?

Kidney patients often have high blood pressure or diabetes. Both of them can give rise to high cholesterol level. Besides, triglycerides are not cleared by the kidney, but rather by enzymes in the liver and other body tissues that breakdown triglycerides. When kidney function declines, these clearing enzymes are not as active.

Too much cholesterol builds up in your blood vessels, which can narrow vessels and lead to a blockage, preventing blood from getting to a certain area of your body. When this occurs in your heart vessels, it can cause a heart attack. If this occurs in kidneys, your kidneys will be in a state of ischemia and anoxia.

How to decrease cholesterol level?

Kidney patients with high cholesterol should limit their intake of saturate fat and cholesterol, make other appropriate lifestyle changes and take medicines to put them into a healthier range.

-In diet, they should choose fresh vegetables and fruits and avoid fry foods. Besides, you had better trim all visible fat from meat and remove skin from poultry.

-In exercise, regular aerobic exercise such as walking, jogging or bike riding may be the most effective way to increase good cholesterol levels and lower bad cholesterol level as well as reduce blood pressure.

-Giving up tobacco often results in an increase in good cholesterol levels.

If you have kidney disease, it is helpful to know your cholesterol levels, and then take measures as early as possible to reduce your risk of heart disease. For more information, please contact online doctor.

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