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Why Do CKD Patients Pee With Air Bubbles

2014-07-12 02:03

Why Do CKD Patients Pee With Air BubblesWhy do CKD patients pee with air bubbles? In normal cases, no air bubbles should be noticed in the urine, and even if some bubbles are formed when urine strike the toilet, they disappear quickly. However, in cases of CKD, air bubbles exist for a very long time. Why is this?

Why do CKD patients pee with air bubbles?

Urine is the solution prepared by the kidneys, containing excretory waste materials and water, so abnormal urine always indicate kidney problem. CKD is an illness with progressive decline of kidney function. In early stage of CKD, kidneys are mildly damaged, so no obvious discomforts appear. However, with deterioration of illness, kidneys will fail to function properly. One of the job of kidney is to filter blood and during this process preserve nutrition like protein in the body and excrete wastes like creatinine out of the body. When kidney function is impaired severely, large amounts of protein will leak into urine, leading to proteinuria which presents as foamy urine. This is the reason why CKD patients pee with air bubbles.

How to reduce air bubbles in urine in CKD?

In cases of CKD, the more proteins in urine, the more air bubbles in urine, so if we want to reduce air bubbles, we must firstly reduce protein in urine. Since protein leakage is due to kidneys are damaged and can not preserve protein in the body, so as long as kidney damages are repaired and kidney function is improved, protein leakage is remitted and also air bubbles in urine reduce.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a herb-based on treatment. It is highly recommended for CKD patients because effective ingredients in micro-Chinese medicine can stimulate injured kidney intrinsic cells and improve kidney function. In this herbal treatment, herbs which have been proven to be good for kidney are used together and externally. With these herbs, not only air bubbles in urine can be reduced, many other clinical manifestations of CKD like high creatinine level can be remitted successfully.

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