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Do You Get Bloating With Slow Kidney Function

2014-06-20 06:09

Do You Get Bloating With Slow Kidney FunctionBloating is a general term for any type of swelling or size increase in the stomach and abdomen. Many causes can lead to bloating. If someone has declined kidney function, does she or he get bloating with slow kidney function?

Bloating does indeed occur with slow kidney function. And here we will analyze the causes of bloating to you.

1. Edema or swelling

Edema is a most common symptom in kidney disease. If someone suffers from kidney disease, there will be much fluid accumulating in the body, thus leading to edema. And fluid retention is more likely to occur in any part of your body such as eyelids, face, hands, ankles, legs and feet in the early stage of your kidney disease. However, with the development of your conditions, fluid retention may spread to your whole body. Stomach bloating can also occur when lots of fluid accumulates in your abdomen.

2. Constipation

Kidney disease patients usually experience constipation due to low fluid intake, lack of exercise and insufficient fiber in the diet. Also constipation can be a side effect of a number of medications.

How to manage bloating with slow kidney function?

As we mentioned early, declined kidney function fails to drain excessive fluid from the body. In addition, due to poor renal function, in the daily, patients need to pay attention to their diet. In this condition, patients usually have a limited fluid intake, low fiber in the diet. All these prove that the root cause of bloating is poor kidney function. In view of this, enhancing kidney function is essential.

In our hospital the characteristic treatment is Chinese medicine treatment. The treatments, drugs and diagnosis in this therapy are all unique which has not been heard by other doctors and hospitals because other hospitals do not care for new drugs and new treatments. No new therapies and drugs are reasons why kidney disease is incurable. We have these so our hospital brings good news for many kidney disease patients. One of the methods in our hospital is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy aims to restore damaged but not necrotic kidney intrinsic cells and improve kidney function. With strong renal function, excessive fluid can be discharged from the body effectively. Bloating can be alleviated from the root.

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