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What Causes Malnutrition in Patients with ESRD

2014-06-11 07:08

What Causes Malnutrition in Patients with ESRDPatients with ESRD always have serious malnutrition in daily life. Then how is malnutrition caused by ESRD. Here we will give you a specific introduction. Then we will give you effective solutions to malnutrition.

To begin with, see causes of malnutrition in ESRD.

1. Deposition of wastes and toxins

Kidney function is lost more than 85% in patients with ESRD, so kidney can not remove wastes from body, leading to deposition of wastes and toxins in body. In this way, digestive system can be affected, causing bad absorption in patients with ESRD.

2. Acidosis

Due to loss of kidney function, acidosis can occur on patients with ESRD. Acidosis can do harm to absorption of nutrients in body, preventing protein decomposition.

3. Inflammation

Kidney inflammation is very common for patients with ESRD, which can make patients have less protein absorption.

4. Electrolyte disorder

Patients with ESRD can have electrolyte disorders in daily life. Electrolyte disorder can affect many parts of body, including digestive system. In this way, malnutrition can be caused ar last.

5. Dialysis

At end stage kidney disease, patients are always recommended to do dialysis to replace kidney function, filtering the blood. However, as is known to all, dialysis has many side effects like low blood pressure, skin itching and muscle cramps. In addition, bad appetite is also a very common symptom of ESRD. In this way, patients with ESRD are not reluctant to eat food, resulting in malnutrition.

6. Proteinuria

Proteinuria is very serious for patients with ESRD, which can make patients in lack of protein. In this way, malnutrition can be caused finally.

Malnutrition can make patients weak, and result in low immunity.

Then how to treat malnutrition in ESRD?

Chinese medicines can recover kidney function, alleviating many symptoms like the above. In this way, malnutrition can be treated very fundamentally.

Thus, patients with ESRD can have a try of Chinese medicines to treat malnutrition. And they should also have more vitamins in daily life. More information or any problem, be very free to contact us any time.

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