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Why Do Patients with Kidney Disease Urinate Frequently at Night

2014-06-10 02:02

Why Do Patients with Kidney Disease Urinate Frequently at NightFor patients with kidney disease, they can have frequent urination in daily life, especially at night, which annoys them very much. Here we will introduce causes of frequent urination at night and how to help treat it well.

To begin with, see causes of it in kidney disease.

kidney disease can lead to kidney damage, and this damage mostly occurs on glomerular area or kidney tubules. Kidney tubules are functional on reabsorption of useful substances in blood like water and nutrients, and 90% of them is water. However, if kidney tubules are impaired, water can not be reabsorbed by kidney tubules. In this way, these water need to leak out through urine, resulting in frequent urination at night.

This is the leading cause of frequent urination at night for patients with kidney disease.

So, how to treat frequent urination at night effectively?

From the above, we can know that tubules damage is the fundamental cause of frequent urination. If kidney damage is repaired, frequent urination can be solved very well.

Hot compress therapy is highly recommended for patients with kidney disease to treat frequent urination at night. The following are properties of Hot compress therapy:

- promote blood circulation

- dilate blood vessels

- prevent kidney inflammation

- repair kidney damage

- recover kidney function

As a consequent, patients with kidney disease can get effective results at last when getting treated with Hot compress therapy. Besides, limiting water in daily life is also necessary, because much water can put more burdens on kidney, affect kidney function.

Here is our introduction for you, and if you have any question or need more information, be very free to contact us any time.

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