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Why Do People with Kidney Disease Suffer Breathing Difficulty

2014-05-26 07:22

Why Do People with Kidney Disease Suffer Breathing DifficultyFor patients with kidney disease, they can have breathing difficulty in daily life, which can affect their life and annoy them very much. This is very common for patients with kidney disease, so it is very important for them to treat breathing difficulty, here we will introduce why does it happen and how to treat it effectively?

In the first place, see causes of breathing difficulty in kidney disease.

1. Deposition of wastes and toxins

As kidney can not remove many wastes from body through urine, deposition of toxins can happen very commonly. In this way, organs in body can be affected by this deposition, and lung can be also be affected, resulting in breathing difficulty.

2. Metabolic acidosis

When much acid can not be removed from body, acid can build up in body, causing metabolic acidosis. Metabolic acidosis can affect systems in body, leading to breathing problems. In addition, coma, arrhythmia, and even shock can appear very commonly.

3. Electrolyte imbalance

For patients with kidney disease, they are very likely to have deposition of phosphorus and potassium, leading to electrolyte imbalance at last. In this case, other parts of body can be affected, leading to breathing problems.

4. Cardiovascular problems and heart disease

Complications can be caused by kidney disease, like heart or cardiovascular problems. These are very life threatening for patients with kidney disease.

The above is the leading causes of breathing difficulty in kidney disease.

Then how to treat it very effectively?

Chinese medicines can help prevent kidney inflammation, and repair kidney damage, promote blood circulation, expand blood vessels and supply rich nutrients. In this way, kidney function can be under recovery step by step, making the above symptoms or factors of breathing difficulty get alleviated.

Here is introduction for you, if you have any question, you can have any question or get more information, be very free to contact us any time.

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