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What Happens As Kidneys Shut Down

2014-05-26 01:37

What Happens As Kidneys Shut DownWhat happens when your kidneys stop working? The kidneys are important organs with many functions in the body, including producing hormones, absorbing minerals, and filtering blood and producing urine. So when the kidney function declines, the above functions will be affected. And this article will analyze some consequences of declined kidney function.

1. There are many toxins and wastes in your body when your kidneys shut down.

The kidneys will not be able to remove the same amount of waste products from the blood, and urea and creatinine begin to accumulate in the blood. If these chemicals are not removed, the concentrations become lethal.

2. There is fluid retention in your body as kidneys shut down.

One of the kidney functions is regulating the water fluid levels. If kidneys shut down, the body will retain fluid. Swelling of the hands, legs and feet may begin due to fluid retention.

3. Blood pressure is usually abnormal as kidneys shut down.

The kidneys need constant pressure to filter the blood. When it drops too low, the kidneys increase the pressure. When kidneys are damaged, this function will be affected. Kidneys are oot able to restore normal blood pressure.

4. There is deficient red blood cell as kidney function declines.

When the kidneys do not get enough oxygen, they send out a distress call in the form of erythropoietin, which is a hormone that is responsible for stimulating the bone marrow to produce more oxygen-carrying red blood cells. In this condition, you will be in a state of deficient blood and oxygen. Thus, anemia occurs and fatigue is a common symptom of anemia.

These are general complications of declined kidney function. We cannot explain all the symptoms of damaged kidneys, so if you doubt you have a kidney disease, you can contact our online renal experts.

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