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What To Do If Hemoglobin Is 8.1

2014-05-18 03:08

What To Do If Hemoglobin Is 8.1Hemoglobin is a common test for chronic kidney disease (CKD) and hemoglobin is responsible for making enough red blood cells. Hemoglobin 8.1 is lower than the normal value. In this case, people will have anemia and feel fatigue and tiredness. What to do with lower hemoglobin level 8.1?

First, we should know the normal value of hemoglobin?

Normally, the hemoglobin level is 12-16g/dl for male and 11-16g/dl for children. In clinic, hemoglobin is usually related with anemia. According to different hemoglobin levels, the severity of anemia is also different:

Hemoglobin level > 9g/dl indicates mile anemia

Hemoglobin level 6-9g/dl indicates moderate anemia

Hemoglobin level 3-6g/dl indicates severe anemia

Hemoglobin level <3g/dl indicates extreme anemia

On this base, hemoglobin 8.1 refers to moderate anemia, and intense treatment should be adopted to avoid further deterioration.

Second, what causes lower hemoglobin level?

When kidneys are healthy, they make a hormone called erythropoietin, or EPO. This hormone can make the bone marrow to produce the amount of red blood cells that the body needs to carry oxygen to vital organs. When kidneys are damaged, they cannot make enough EPO. As a result, the bone marrow makes few red blood cells. Hemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells. When red blood cells become less, hemoglobin also is lower than normal range.

Third, what to do with low hemoglobin?

The most common treatment for anemia in people with CKD is Erythropoietin Stimulating Agents (ESAs). If anemia is caused by not having enough EPO in the body, this medication is often prescribed for patients with CKD. However, it is just a temporary solution not a permanent remedy for anemia, because it does not improve kidney function to produce more red blood cells. For this reason, our specialized kidney disease hospital applies Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to repair injured kidney cells and improve kidney function. Once kidney function is elevated, its function of making erythropoietin will be performed better than before. In this condition, more red blood cells will be more naturally and effectively. In addition, other relative CKD symptoms will be alleviated.

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