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What Are Symptoms Of Low GFR

2014-05-16 03:23

What Are Symptoms Of Low GFRGFR stands for Glomerular Filtration Rate. It is based on a level of creatinine in your blood. A low GFR indicates a problem with the kidneys because they fail to filter the creatinine out of your blood properly. Under these circumstances, what will happen with low GFR?

You may feel completely normal at this stage, or you may begin to experience the following symptoms:

1. Appetite

Diseased kidneys cannot eliminate wastes from your body properly. The wastes will stimulate your digestive system. You may have poor appetite, nausea, vomiting and so on.

2. Puffiness or swelling

Balancing body fluid of kidneys has been damaged, and water retention will occur obviously in the hands or feet and ankles, but the puffiness will often first be seen around the eyes.

3. Blood pressure

Kidneys can regulate blood pressure. When kidney is damaged, patients usually have high blood pressure or hypertension.

4. Anemia

One of the kidney functions is red blood cell regulation. A low GFR means renal insufficient. In this condition, kidneys fail to stimulate the bone marrow to produce more oxygen-carrying red blood cells. Anemia occurs and patients usually have fatigue and tiredness.

5. High potassium and high phosphorus level in blood

As cells metabolize, they produce acids. If the body is unable to function properly, it fails to keep a healthy balance of these chemicals. Diseased kidneys also lead to unbalanced acid regulation. High potassium and high phosphorus level in blood is commonly to be seen in low GFR.

The above symptoms are usually experienced by kidney disease patients with low GFR. We can not list all these symptoms here. If you have any other symptom and you doubt you have renal disease, you can describe your symptoms to our online renal experts. We can give you a reasonable plan for alleviating your symptoms.

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