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What Are Stage 3B CKD Symptoms

2014-04-25 06:57

What Are Stage 3B CKD SymptomsAccording to the glomerular filtration rate, chronic kidney disease (CKD) is classified into five stages. And in stage 3 CKD eGFR ranges from 30 to 60. And stage 3 is further classified into stage 3A (45-59) and stage 3B (30-44). What are stage 3B CKD symptoms? As a matter as fact, the symptoms vary from patients to patients. In the following, there are some general symptoms of stage 3B.


Kidney is an important organ of our body which has many kidney functions, one of which is to remove excess fluid from the blood to form urine. When your kidney function declines, edema occurs easily. First it may appear around your eyes, and then with the development of state of illness, it may appear in your limbs and whole body.


Kidneys can secrete erythropoietin to stimulate the bone marrows to form red blood cells. In stage 3B, this function declines and anemia occurs. And then you may feel fatigue, headache, shortness of breath, cold limbs, pale skin, dizziness, etc.

-High blood pressure

Kidney balances electrolyte and secretes rein prostaglandin. In stage 3B, sodium retains in the body easily and renin secretion increases, resulting in high blood pressure.

-Urine changes

Healthy kidneys can retain the useful substances in the body, but damaged kidneys leak protein and red blood cells into the urine, causing proteinuria and hematuria. Besides, you may suffer from frequent urination at night, urinating more or less than usual, etc.

-Other symptoms

Kidneys filter wastes from the body. Wastes building up in the blood may affect your whole body, causing nausea, muscle cramp, joint pain, etc.

These symptoms can be controlled through correct treatment. Stage 3B is a turning point, in which you should pay attention to these symptoms, or it will quickly develop to the next stage. If you have any question, please contact online doctor.

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