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How To Lower Elevated Creatinine And Improve Lower GFR

2014-04-21 08:20

How To Lower Elevated Creatinine And Improve Lower GFRElevated creatinine and lower glomerular filtration rate (GFR) are two major factors for kidney function reduction. In fact, kidney function decline is more likely caused by blood and oxygen deficiency. If this lasts for a long time, it will do damages on kidneys. Therefore, to lower high creatinine level and improve GFR should be targeted at alleviating blood and oxygen deficiency.

The causes of kidney damage

We have mentioned above, your kidney is short of blood and oxygen, so we have to dilate renal blood vessels, and then to improve kidney microcirculation, and then the kidneys can be offered with more oxygen and nutrition, so the damaged renal cells can be repaired. Meanwhile, there are metabolism rubbish inside the blood and immune complexes inside your kidneys, if the rubbish can not be cleared timely, as time goes by, the deposition on the kidneys will be more, so it becomes a vicious circulation. Also if the rubbish cannot be discharged, the renal cells cannot be repaired. In this case, the key point is how to remove the toxins from the blood and how to remove the rubbish from the kidney.

How to remove toxins and rubbish from the kidneys?

We have three steps to cleanse your kidneys.

1. We need to know the degree of damaged renal immunity, so we can know which stage your kidney disease belongs to, because kidney disease can be divided into 3 stages: the first stage is immune inflammation period, the second stage is fibrotic stage, and the third stage is scarred formation stage When the disease belongs to the first stage and the second stage, we can improve renal blood microcirculation by dilating blood vessels, and also repair renal cells by providing oxygen and energy to them.

2. To discharge the deposition of immune complexes and metabolized rubbish from kidneys by Micro-Chinese Medicines, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath and Enema. We can see more rubbish in the urine. After this treatment, some broken and necrosis of protein and tissue separated from kidney, all this bad substances discharged out through urine. These process provides a good internal environment for repairing renal cells. Meanwhile, it can prevent the kidney disease from further developing.

3. The third stage is to add energy medicines such as vitamin complexes, cell growth factor and complex phosphoesterasum, then providing renal cells by dilating micro renal circulation, so we can provide sufficient energy for repairing the renal cells by itself. Thus, the damaged renal cells can be completely repaired.

With cleansing your kidneys and repairing damaged cells, high creatinine can be lowered down and GFR will be improved.

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