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Should I Be Concerned If BUN Is A Little High

2014-04-19 03:21

Should I Be Concerned If BUN Is A Little HighWith elevated Blood Urea Nitrogen(BUN), should it be drew my attention? High BUN level is usually be found in a blood test. To know whether a little high BUN level, you should know what does high BUN mean and if it is always worth concerning?

First, you should know what does high BUN level mean?

The liver produces urea as a waste product when protein is metabolized. In normal condition, kidneys will remove most of the urea from the bloodstream. When the kidneys are not functioning as well as they should, urea will build up in the blood, causing high blood urea nitrogen. Besides, if checking creatinine which is another major indicator of kidney function is also high, it is possible to a kidney problem.

Second, does high blood urea nitrogen level always indicate kidney problem?

A high BUN level doesn’t always indicate a kidney disease. Other causes can also lead to high blood urea nitrogen. One of the most common is simple dehydration. If the elevated BUN is induced by dehydration, creatinine will be normal or even low at the same test. Many doctors look at the BUN-Creatinine ratio to see if dehydration is the cause of an increased BUN. If the BUN-creatinine ratio is high, it usually indicates dehydration. In addition, some medications can cause elevated BUN level including some antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, and gout medications. In some cases, eating a high protei diet can lead to a high BUN level since urea coms from the breakdown of protein. In the above conditions, you may do not worry too much about your high blood urea nitrogen level.

However, if your lab tests show you have a high BUN level and elevated creatinine level, your doctor will do further test to make sure whether it is caused by the kidneys that are not functioning as well as they should. This can be due to kidney disease related to diabetes or high blood pressure or can be caused by another condition such as autoimmune disease. In this condition, you should be concerned about your high BUN level.

Elevated Blood Urea Nitrogen can be caused by many conditions. However, not all conditions should be drew your attention. For increased BUN level caused by kidney disease, you should be concerned about it.

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