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Can CKD Cause Joint Pain

2014-04-03 09:57

Can CKD Cause Joint PainCan CKD cause joint pain? A patient with CKD complain about joint pain very much, and he wonders if it is associated with CKD. The answer is yes. Here we will mostly introduce how CKD cause joint pain and how to treat it.

Causes of joint pain in CKD

High uric acid level plays a very important role in causing joint pain for patients with CKD. Uric acid is produced when purine is decomposed, and uric acid in body is eliminated by kidney function. Due to kidney damage and decreased kidney function, kidney can’t remove much uric acid from body, leading to crystals at last. When crystals stack in joints area, inflammation can be caused, resulting in joint pain.

Moreover, joint pain can be caused by bone problems. And patients with CKD are very prone to bone problems, because calcium in bones can be removed out to maintain the balance of calcium and phosphorus. In this way, bones have lack of calcium, leading to bone problems. What is worse, bone disease can has very bad effects on patients with CKD, affecting their physical activity and normal life. Thus, it is significant that patients with CKD should treat joint pain timely.

Then how to treat joint pain in CKD?

1. Avoiding food containing high purine level

2. Limit intake of phosphorus

3. Taking in much calcium

4. Chinese medicines

The fundamental cause of joint pain is kidney damage and decline of kidney function. Thus, patients with CKD should focus on these two points. Chinese medicines are just very effective to repair kidney damage and recover kidney function. The properties of Chinese medicines are the below:

-inhibition of inflammation in kidney

-extension of blood vessels

-promotion of blood circulation

-supplement of nutrients

In this way, kidney damage can be repaired and kidney function will revive gradually. So it is a wise choice that patients with CKD get treated with Chinese medicines to alleviate joint pain.

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