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Is It Serious With More Than 100ml Urine Output In An Hour

2014-03-25 17:04

Is It Serious With More Than 100ml Urine Output In An HourWhat does 100ml urine output in an hour mean? Generally speaking, 24-hour urine volume for adults is 1000-1500ml. If the urine volume of 24 hours, it is called dieresis clinically. For 100ml urine output in an hour, it has surpassed the normal 24-hour urine volume. What is the problem of it and is it serious?

What is the cause of diuresis?

Actually, many factors can cause diuresis, including diabetes, potassium deficiency and hypercalcemia and kidney-related problems. Besides, too much intake of fluid, tea and high sodium or excessive sugar intake can also lead to diuresis. While the pathological diuresis is mainly due to the dysfunction of renal tubular re-absorption and concentration. The diuresis is the most common symptom in chronic glomerulonephritis. Normally, the filtered solution of glomerular in 24 hours can amount to 170L, and 90% of fluids will be reabsorbed by glomerular tubular. If glomeruli function is normal or relatively normal, while glomerular tubular is damaged, the reabsorbed function will be badly damaged, thus leading to diuresis. Another factor is that glomerular overactive filtration rate is increased. Even if the glomerular tubular function is normal, the glomeruli is in a overworked stage, which is a cause of diuresis. The third cause is the lack of endocrine hormone.

Apart from diuresis, there are oliguria and anuria. And the following will give you a general explanation of them.


It means the 24-hour urine volume is less than 400ml or persist urine output less than 17ml/hour. Dehydration and too much sweating can cause oliguria but it is not serious. For pathological oliguria, it is triggered by renal reasons, including acute glomerulonephritis, chronic renal failure and acute rejection after the surgery of kidney transplant.


If the 24 hours’ urine output is less than 100ml or there is no urine volume within 12 hours, it is called anuria.

If you are in end stage renal disease or taking dialysis, urine is a hope for you and it means you still have a great chance to get rid of dialysis due to its workable nephrons and residual renal function. In this case, taking effective treatment is able to help you avoid dialysis and improve your kidney function above 15%.

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