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How to Treat Skin Itching in End Stage Kidney Disease

2014-03-14 15:04

How to Treat Skin Itching in End Stage Kidney DiseasePatients at end stage kidney disease (ESRD) are prone to serious skin itching. Which annoys them. Recently, some patients with skin itching in ESRD consult us to find solution. After we analyze and research, we make a conclusion, hoping it is helpful, as following:

How is skin itching caused by ESRD?

At end stage kidney disease, many wastes and toxins deposit in body, affecting various systems in body. In this way, skin itching can be caused. In addition, due to disorders of calcium and phosphorus, hyperphosphatemia can occur at ESRD, and hyperphosphatemia can cause skin itching.

How to treat skin itching at ESRD?

Hot compress therapy is most effective to treat skin itching at ESRD, which is highly recommended for patients with ESRD. Let’s see how it works:

Firstly, according to disease condition, proper Chinese medicines will be used, then two bags containing Chinese medicines are made to put on kidney area. Thus, ingredients in Chinese medicines can penetrate in to kidney inside with the help of osmosis device more effectively. These Chinese medicines can treat kidney damage and promote blood circulation. In this way, kidney function can be under recovery. During the process of Hot compress therapy, much toxin can excrete from body. As a consequently, many wastes can be eliminate from body. Moreover, calcium and phosphorus are kept in balance. After Hot compress therapy, skin itching in ESRD can be alleviated.

With Hot compress therapy, patients with ESRD can get treated by Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. In this way, patients with skin itching in ESRD can not only treat skin itching, but also can recover kidney function effectively, alleviating ESRD and avoiding dialysis.

Hot compress therapy and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy both belong to kidney therapy China. Over the years,l kidne ytherapy China is proved to have achieved very great success in treating kidney disease. Thus, patients with kidney disease can be assured that Chinese medicines have no harm to them and can get treated very effectively, though it takes a long time compared with western medicines.

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