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What Systems Can Be Affected If Kidney Function Is Damaged

2014-03-14 14:34

What Systems Can Be Affected If Kidney Function Is DamagedKidneys are important organs which are responsible for secreting hormones, discharging toxins and excess water and keeping balance of electrolytes. But as kidney function decreases, you will start to have other problems or complications. The worse your kidney function gets, the more complications you will have. Then what body systems will be affected if kidney function shuts down? Follow us to find to the answer.

1. Electrolytes imbalance

When your kidneys are not working to filter out certain chemicals, such as potassium, phosphorus and acids, you may have an irregular heartbeat, muscle weakness and other problems.

2. Urinary system

Urinary system is not an isolated organ and is composed of kidney, ureter, bladder and urethra. Kidneys perform to filter blood, during which blood and wasters are separated. The purified blood will flow out of kidneys through renal vein and wastes flow into bladder through ureter. At last, waste fluid is removed out of our body through urethra. Kidney is one of the parts of urinary system, so once the kidneys are impaired, urinary system is meanwhile affected. Patients usually have frequent urination at night, feel urge to urinate or have burning and pain feeling when urinating.

3. Respiratory system

With declined kidney function, excessive water and metabolic toxins will accumulate in your body. Thus, the respiratory system will be affected by declined kidney function. People usually have shortness of breath, metallic taste in your mouth and pulmonary edema or pleural effusion.

4. Cardiovascular system

Injured kidneys will speed up hardening of the arteries and increase the risk of stroke, heart attack and heart failure. Cardiovascular disease is a common cause of death in people with chronic kidney disease.

5. Bone disease

Damaged kidneys fail to keep electrolytes in balance, such as phsophate, calcium and vitamin D. In this case, it can lead to bone disease

Once kidney function shuts down, a series of body system will be affected. Improving kidney function is the key point in alleviating all these affected systems’ symptoms.

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