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What Are The Causes Of Vertigo In Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-03-06 13:36

What Are The Causes Of Vertigo In Chronic Kidney DiseaseKidney disease patients will experience various symptoms, and vertigo is just one of them. Knowing the causes contributes to coping with their conditions. Well, what are the causes of vertigo in chronic kidney disease?

There are three causes of vertigo, and we will analyze them respectively.

1. Anemia

Kidneys play an important role in secreting enough erythropoietin which is responsible for producing enough red blood cells. If kidneys are damaged, this function will be also be damaged, which will affect the secretion of red blood cells. The erythropoietin can not produce enough red blood cells. In this condition, your body will be in a condition of hypoxia. Once the oxygen taken to the brain is lacking, your body will feel vertiginous.

2. Electrolytes disorder

Patients with kidney disease have electrolytes disorder usually have vertigo, because some electrolytes are important for our body function. For instance, potassium is important for our nerve system. If patients with kidney disease have high potassium level, they will have many symptoms. High potassium will cause weakness, fatigue and sleepiness.

3. Nerve problems

Damaged kidneys will affect surrounding organ, and nerve system is just one of them. this is because toxins and wastes pile up in your body which will cause disorders of any organ. Nerve problems are more likely to occur in the late stage of kidney disease.

Vertigo is just one common symptom of kidney disease. Apart from this, patients also have kinds of symptoms like edema, itchy skin, headache, poor appetite and problem in concentration, etc. All the causes of these problems are induced by damaged kidneys, so repairing damaged renal tissues and improving kidney function is significant in alleviating these symptoms. Thus, you should take effective treatment to improve your kidney function.

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