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Can Furosemide Treat Edema In CKD Without Relapse

2014-03-01 11:48

Can Furosemide Treat Edema In CKD Without RelapseEdema is an obvious symptom of chronic kidney disease(CKD). Any symptom should attract your attention and be treated timely. Furosemide is a common medication of diuretics to relieve edema. However, can furosemide treat edema in CKD without relapse?

Furosemide is able to increase urine output so as to filter excess sodium and water out of your body. In this way, edema can be alleviated to some extent. However, furosemide can not treat edema in CKD and make edema no relapse. On the contrary, if you take a longer therapy of furosemide to alleviate edema, it will aggravate edema. Why do we say that?

We know one of important function of kidneys is able to filter excess water out of body and keep balance of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. Chronic kidney disease is a condition which causes kidney damage. When the kidneys are damaged, they lose the ability of filtering excess water out of body and easily cause water/ sodium retention. In this case, edema occurs. That is to say, the root cause of edema is the damaged kidney function. Furosemide can just alleviate edema temporarily but is not a radical treatment for edema. The radical treatment for edema is to repair kidney damage and recover kidney function.

To repair kidney damage to avoid relapse of edema

1. Chinese herbs

Some Chinese herbs have diuretic function to increase urine output. With the increase of urine volume, excess water and sodium can be filtered out of your body with urine. In this way, edema can be alleviated. These diuretic herbs can be found in nettle, celery seed, dandelion, garlic, linden, hawthorn, bilberry and alfalfa which work by stimulating urine flow to help get rid of accumulated fluids in the tissues.

2. Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy

It is an external application with micronized herbs into two bags which are put in the patients’ back where the kidneys are. Because the ingredients can get to the kidneys directly through skin. In this way, it provides a condition for repairing kidney damage. Besides, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, extracellular matrix degradation and blood vessel dilation of Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy will stop further kidney damage and improve kidney function gradually. As long as kidney function is improved, edema will be alleviated from the root.

Furosemide is a temporary way for alleviating edema, while, Micro-Chinese medicine can treat edema in CKD without relapse.

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