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How To Control Protein Loss In Urine

2014-02-26 17:04

How To Control Protein Loss In UrineHow to control protein loss in urine? If you want to know this answer, you must firstly know what causes protein loss in urine. Only in this way can protein in urine be stopped fundamentally.

1. What causes protein in urine?

There are a number of reasons for protein in urine, but everything comes down to two underlying factors. There is either an underlying kidney disease or a precursor to a kidney disease. And if left untreated, it will definitely lead to kidney damage.

Diabetes for protein in urine

Diabetes in the leading cause of kidney damage, because high blood sugar level will damage the filters in the kidney, causing them to malfunction. In this condition, protein in urine presents.

High blood pressure for protein in urine

People with high blood pressure are more at a risk for protein in urine. If high blood pressure is not treated promptly, it can also cause kidney damage.

In a word, protein in urine is triggered by a kidney damage on glomerular filtration membrane which has a function of protecting substances with a certain size from being leaked out. With this function, most of the nutritions can be reversed in our body. However,if it is damaged, some nutrition will leak out. Thus, for people with kidney disease, the root cause of protein in urine is the damaged glomerular filtration membrane.

How to control protein in urine?

As the above has mentioned, the root cause of protein loss in urine is damaged glomerular filtration rate. Therefore, repairing damaged filtration membrane to recover its filtration function is necessary.

The most effective treatment for protein loss in urine is Chinese medicines which take natural herbs as medicines. Chinese medicines have no side effects and at the same time have the function to repair kidney damages. Thus, it is good for patients to control protein loss in urine.

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