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Low GFR with High BUN and Itching

2014-02-19 14:31

GFR is an important parameter in measuring how well kidneys are functioning. It is very sensitive. GFR level will decline once kidneys become impaired. A person with low GFR may experience high BUN and itching.

GFR measures how much blood is filtered by glomeruli. Every minute, around 90-125ml blood is filtered by kidneys. Thereby, the waste products and excessive minerals will be eliminated from blood.

Urea nitrogen is the byproduct of protein and is normally removed by kidneys. However, when kidneys are impaired, less blood is filtered by kidneys, thus resulting in high buildup of urea nitrogen in blood.

Itching in a person with low GFR is due to high accumulation of phosphorus in blood. Phosphorus is a kind of small molecular waste products and it is removed from body by kidneys normally. The Less blood is filtered by kidneys, the more phosphorus will linger in blood. High levels of phosphorus in blood will contribute to itching.

Apart from low GFR and high BUN, a person with low GFR will also experience high creatinine, bone disease etc. How to control those discomforts? Email to kidneycares@hotmail.com.

How to control high BUN and itching in kidney disease is a major concerned issue for renal patients. While your doctor may prescribe you some medicines to relieve the discomforts, they can not control them fundamentally.

Low GFR, high BUN and itching result from kidney impairment and renal function decline. To control these conditions fundamentally, a treatment should be used to restore the impaired kidney structure and enhance renal function. If the kidneys can function more efficiently, more urea nitrogen and phosphorus will be removed from body.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can activate the self-renewing of impaired kidney tissues and cells, thus restoring the impaired kidneys. Thereby, high BUN and itching will be controlled fundamentally.

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