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What Does It Mean to Have Foams in Your Urine

2013-11-28 13:54

Foams in urine is a symptom often appears in patient with kidney disease, and we can we know from this symptom.

Why patient has foams in urine?

Foams in urine is due to the increase of tension on urine surface, and that is because there are organic substances or inorganic substances in urine. For patient with kidney disease, that is more likely caused by proteinuria, which is very common.

It is normal to find protein in our urine, but the amount is very little, and it is less than 150mg per day. While if patient’s proteinuria is more than this amount, it is thought that patient has proteinuria.

Why does patient have proteinuria?

Proteinuria can be caused by many reasons. For example, if patent take much protein in his diet, there will be much protein in his urine, and if patient take strenuous exercise, he will also have proteinuria.While for patient with kidney disease, his proteinuria may be caused by kidney damage.

There is filtration membrane in glomerulus, and that can stop the leaking of nutrients from blood, and protein is among them. But when there are foreign matter accumulating in the membrane, its structure will be damaged, and the permeability will increase, which will cause the leakage of nutrients from blood, so patient will have proteinuria in his urine.

Can the amount of proteinuria stands for the severity of kidney damage?

The amount of proteinuria does not stand for the severity of patient’s kidney damage. For example, mineral change disease is not very severe, but it can cause patient to have lots of proteinuria. And FSGS may not cause too much proteinuria, but it can cause very severe damage in patient’s kidney.

In fact, proteinuria caused by kidney damage will be persistent, and that can aggravate patient’s kidney damage gradually.

Thereby, if patient with kidney disease has proteinuria, he should make sure the cause of proteinuria firstly, and them take right measures to cope with his condition.

In the end, if you have any trouble in dealing with this aspect, you can email us your problem, and we will give you a detailed reply intime.

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