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Fluid Retention in Abdomen in CKD

2013-11-08 09:59

Fluid retention in abdomen can occur in some cases of people with CKD. Is this condition serious? How to deal with?

Causes of fluid retention in abdomen in CKD

One of important kidney functions is to filter out excess fluid from body.In CKD,the diseased kidneys fail to function adequately,thus giving rise to fluid retention.If fluid retention in abdomen occurs in CKD,the patients will experience abdominal bloating and lose appetite.In addition,fluid retention in body can aggravate high blood pressure further.Therefore,it is important for CKD patients to seek for aggressive treatment.

How to deal with fluid retention in abdomen CKD?

Firstly,it is important to cut down fluid intake in diet.How much fluid to drink is up to the urine output and specific illness condition of the CKD patients.

Secondly,diuretic drug is often used to increase urine output. Additionally,some herbal medicines also have diuretic effect and are effective in treating fluid retention in abdomen in CKD. You can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  to get a list of herbal medicines.

Thirdly,lessen the intake of salt and salty foods. Too much salt in the body can cause fluid retention to worsen. Many processed foods contain high values of sodium that should also be avoided.

The above tips can relieve fluid retention in abdomen in CKD, but can not control it completely.As the underlying cause of fluid retention is reduced renal function,the patients should have a treatment to repair the impaired kidney structure.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an effective treatment for CKD and it is a herbal therapy in which specific herbs are applied based on the patient’s illness condition.The effective medicine ingredients can stimulate the self-healing and self-regeneration of impaired kidney tissues.Once the kidney structure can be restored,renal function will be enhanced remarkably. The kidneys can work better to filter out fluid from body, thus the fluid retention in abdomen in CKD will be controlled completely and fundamentally.

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