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Kidney Problem Symptoms in Men

2013-09-08 15:17

Kidney Problem Symptoms in MenKidneys play multiple vital organs in body.When kidney problem happens,the kidneys will fail to function properly,thus resulting in a myriad of symptoms. The kidney problem symptoms in men and women have some differences.So what are the kidney problem symptoms in men?

Sexual problem

Sexual problem is a common sign of kidney problem symptoms in men. It can be contributed to several causes.Fatigue makes a man too tired for sex.A low sex drive may appear among the diseased men.This is because kidneys are an important part of endocrine system.As kidneys are impaired, certain hormone can not be produced properly,thus resulting in low sex drive. Erectile dysfunction is mainly due to high blood pressure. Some men with serious kidney problem even can not father a child.

Can you father a child with kidney problem? Consult with our online doctor for an answer!


Fatigue is one of common symptoms of kidney problem in men. As kidneys are impaired,high levels of urea will build up in bloodstream,thus giving rise to general weakness and fatigue. Another cause of fatigue in kidney problem is anemia in which red blood cells reduce.Anemia occurs as the kidneys fail to produce a kind of EPO,a hormone which can stimulate the production of red blood cells.

Poor appetite

Poor appetite is one of common kidney problem symptoms in men in advanced stage.As the kidneys fail to remove wastes from body properly,high levels of uremic toxins will build up in body. The toxins will then irritate the gastrointestinal tract,thus leading to poor appetite and even nausea.


Swelling can be seen in kidney problem in men.One of important kidney functions is to remove extra fluid from body.As kidneys are impaired,the fluid will not be removed from body,thus resulting in high building up of fluid.Retention of fluid in body can give rise to swelling.If the lung is flooded with fluid, shortness of breath will occur.

The above are the common symptoms of kidney problem in men. If you want to learn effective ways to deal with them, please chat with our online doctor directly.

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