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Can Kidney Atrophy Cause Pain in Kidney Area

2013-08-28 13:46

Kidney atrophy refers to a condition in which one or two kidneys diminish in size.As kidneys perform a number of functions, when the kidney structure is changed, the normal renal function will also be affected, thus resulting in a number of symptoms. Can kidney atrophy cause pain in kidney area?

Kidney atrophy

Nephrons are the basic functional units in kidneys.In right condition, they can filter metabolic wastes and excessive fluid out of body.Kidney atrophy occurs when nephrons reduce in number or they are damaged.There is a variety of causes of kidney atrophy like kidney infection,renal parenchymal disease,etc.As the kidneys become atrophic,a number of symptoms will appear such as high blood pressure,edema, elevated creatinine etc.

Can kidney atrophy cause pain in kidney area?

Pain in kidney area may be a sign of kidney atrophy.As the nephrons are impaired,the impaired kidney will attract more inflammatory factors,thus resulting in inflammation in nephrons.The uncontrolled inflammation can cause fibrosis and scarring of the kidney tissues eventually.

If renal fibrous tissues are scarred, the kidneys will be stretched, thus resulting in pain in kidney area. This is a common cause of kidney pain in kidney disease.

In addition, there are still other causes of pain in kidney area in kidney atrophy.Kidney infection is another cause of pain in kidney area.As the patients have weak immunity and some may have problem in urination, it is very likely to cause infection. When the infection spread to kidneys, kidney infection may occur. Pain in kidney area can be a sign of kidney infection. Meanwhile, some patients with kidney infection may have fever, shriving etc.

Moreover,if kidney stone occurs,the patients with kidney atrophy may experience pain in kidney area when stone moves.

If you are suffering from kidney atrophy along with pain in kidney area, the first thing you should do is to find out the causes. You can consult with our online doctor to get more information.

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