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Can Kidney Problem Cause Foot Numbness

2013-08-22 17:17

Can Kidney Problem Cause Foot NumbnessPatients with kidney problem feel numb in their feet, so they want to know whether kidney problem causes foot numbness. The answer is “ Yes! kidney problem can cause foot numbness.”

How does kidney problem cause foot numbness?

Nerve problems is due to kidney problem. When kidney is damaged, it may directly damage the nerve system, leading to the numbness in feet. Also, when kidney has problems, it can not discharge out toxins from the blood which will build up in the body and damage nervous systems. As we know, nervous systems control and manage the human activities. When nervous systems are damaged, human activities can’t work very well. Thus, people feel numb in their feet.

Diabetes: diabetes has become the first leading cause of kidney problem. When people with kidney problem have diabetes, their blood contains much blood sugar. These high level of blood sugar can cause the lesion of nerve ending, leading the people to feel numb in the foot. Also, diabetes make normal blood circulation difficult. Blood can not arrive at the foot. In this situation, people may feel their feet have no feeling.

High blood pressure: kidney problem causes the increase of blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause the blockage of blood, which results in the cells offering oxygen insufficiently to the feet. Thus, patients with kidney problem feel numb feet.

cardiovascular disease: it is a complication of kidney problem. This disease also can cause numbness in feet.

How to treat foot numbness?

For patients with kidney problem, foot numbness is caused by kidney damage. So the key to treat foot numbness is to control and stop kidney damage. Our hospital has three special treatments for kidney problem. They are Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy and Blood Pollution Therapy. You can see the video in the internet and then get in touch with our experts directly.

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