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The Disadvantages Of Renal Hypertension

2013-08-19 08:48

Hypertension is caused by kidney disease, called renal hypertension. Approximately 20% kidney disease patients have hypertension. What damages will renal hypertension do our body?

1. Damages on heart

Due to high blood pressure, the resistance of left ventricle begins going up and being in a overload for a long time. Besides, left ventricle due to compensation becomes hypertrophy and expansion, which causes myocardial oxygen consumption increase and myocardium weight gain. At the same time, high blood pressure will damage coronary artery and gradually contribute to coronary artery atherosclcrosis. In this time, coronary artery becomes narrower and the blood filtered by it begins to decrease, which causes arrhythmia, angina, myocardial infarction and cardiac failure. The survey is said that coronary heart disease caused by hypertension is 2-4 times than normal blood pressure.

2. Effects on head

Under the effects of hypertension for a long time, arteriole in head becomes sclerosis. The walls of arteriole begins thicken and the lumen is narrowed, which easily lead to cerebral thrombosis. Besides, since cerebrovascular structure is slightly frail and when cerebrovascular structure presents sclerosis, it becomes much more frail. In this case, renal hypertension patients easily experience spasm and have cerebral hemorrhage.

3. Renal hypertension have damages on surrounding blood vessels.

Since blood vessels have pathological changes, which make surrounding tissues lack of oxygen and nutrients, patients usually have intermittent claudication with cramp or pain.

The most majority of people with renal hypertension never experience any symptoms. High blood pressure is very dangerous because there are no symptoms, so the above organs can be damaged slowly without being recognized.

Besides, renal hypertension untreated timely will cause chronic kidney disease. Renal hypertension is a slow decline in kidney function. In order to prevent it from being into chronic kidney disease and damage more organs, you should measure blood pressure regularly so as to detect it and treat your uncontrolled high blood pressure timely.

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