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Have Much Bubbles In Urine Mean Kidney Problem

2013-09-13 17:47

People with kidney problems usually have bubbles in urine due to excessive protein leakage in urine. However, bubbles in urine can in some cases normal and does not definitely mean kidney problem.

To know how much bubbles in urine mean kidney problem, we need first make clear the differences and relationships between several terms---bubbly urine, foamy urine and proteinuria.

Bubbly urine and foamy urine are the same and it means there are obvious bubbles or foams in urine. In such case, the bubbles can be caused by kidney disease, Diabetes or it can be due to dehydration, pregnancy or just because of too much protein intake or too fast urination.

Proteinuria is a typical sign of kidney disease due to damaged renal filtration system. In routine urine test, proteinuria can be detected.

In case of proteinuria, there will be noticeable bubbles in urine. However, some cases of bubbles in urine may not mean proteinuria.

Then how to figure out if your bubbles in urine is related to kidney disease? Chat with our online doctor to get more professional advices.

Under normal circumstances, we can have some amount of proteins in urine which are mostly micromolecular and the amount is less than 150g/d. When daily protein leakage is more than 150g and this condition lasts for long time without alleviation after proper diet adjustment, it is recommended that a urine test is done to find out weather there is any kidney problem. You can read this article to learn proteinuria in CKD. Proteinuria is the Typical Symptom of CKD

If it is confirmed that bubbles in urine is caused by kidney disease, it is very important to seek early and effective treatment or protein in urine can in turn worsen kidney problems.

The amount of bubbles in urine can not exactly reflect the severity of renal damages because different parts of kidneys are damaged in different types of kidney diseases. If only renal tubules are damaged such as in case of renal tubular acidosis, the amount of protein in urine usually less than 1-2g per day since glomeruli can prevent the passing of middle molecular and macromolecular proteins. If glomeruli are damaged, protein in urine can be more than 3.5g/d and there will be more protein in urine if both glomeruli and renal tubules are damaged.

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