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Can CKD Early Stage 5 Bounce Back to Stage 4

2014-09-13 03:45

Recently a kidney patient consult our online doctor that “I’m suffering CKD early stage 5, hoping it will bounce back to stage 4”. Do you have the same hope? If you do, the following information can help you achieve the goal.

CKD Early Stage 5 can bounce back to stage 4.

According to GFR, CKD is classified into five stages. And when you are in stage 5 CKD, GFR is less than 15 ml/min. In stage 4 CKD, GFR is 15-29 ml/dL. If you are in the early stage 5, it is possible for you to bounce back to late stage 4.

When your kidney disease develops to advanced stage, some kidney tissues have died, some are in a state of inflammation, and some are still healthy. If we can inhibit kidney inflammation in these kidney tissues, your kidney function can be improved.

How to repair the injured kidneys and improve kidney function?

With the decline of GFR, waste builds up in the blood. The waste in turn can cause further damage to the kidneys, which can lead to more waste in the blood. This is a vicious circle. If you want to break this circle, you should cleanse the blood timely. The routine treatment is just to help you control the symptoms rather than the polluted blood, so this treatment usually can not help you reverse disease. In our hospital, we make a breakthrough in treating CKD.

Dialysis is often suggested when you are in ESRD. Before dialysis, we have many therapies to help your body discharge toxin so as to decrease kidney workload. For example, foot bath, medicated bath and circle therapy can draw out toxins from skin and enema therapy can help body remove toxins from intestinal tract. Besides, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Mai Kang and medicated soup may be prescribed to lower cholesterol, block blood clotting, improve blood circulation and strengthen immune system. These therapies are often used together to dilate blood vessels and speed up blood circulation so as to increase the blood flow into the kidneys and then the immune complexes depositing in the kidneys can be taken away from the kidneys, as a result, the inflammation can be relived. And then your damaged kidneys can gradually regain their ability and you go back to stage 4.

Early treatment is needed for you to achieve the goal. For more information, please contact online doctor.

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